Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Bathroom Water Damage

This Aiken home suffered an extensive water damage in the main bathroom's shower. Our trained technicians quickly assessed the damage and began the demolition p... READ MORE

Water Damage in Aiken Kitchen

Being a homeowner, you know disasters can happen. Several circumstances can be cause for water damage in your home. From leaking pipes to defective appliances, ... READ MORE

Water Damage

This customer was out of town on vacation when their hot water heater located in the attic had a leak. The water came through the attic floor and through the c... READ MORE

Damage to Floors from Water Leak

This home suffered water damage in several rooms of the house. The hardwood floors had to be torn out, and replaced with new flooring due to buckling and swell... READ MORE

Busted Water Pipe

This customer suffered the unfortunate disaster of having a water pipe (that was located in their attic) bust, leaving then with a huge mess. As you can see in... READ MORE

Before and After Water Damage

Before and After pictures of a kitchen that had extensive water damage. The customer was out of town for 5 days when the flooding happened. The water was in e... READ MORE