Recent Before & After Photos

Flooded Office in Aiken, SC

This office was one of 13 that flooded when an overhead fire sprinkler line busted and ran all weekend. In order to properly dry the structure, we removed the g... READ MORE

Flooded Classrooms in Aiken, SC

This Aiken school suffered serious damage after a recent thunderstorm brought runoff into the building. Thankfully they called SERVPRO of Aiken and we were able... READ MORE

sewer backup in a commercial building in SC

This was damage due to a blockage in the sewer's main line. The after demo photo was taken once the structure was stabilized.

Water Damage

This customer was out of town on vacation when their hot water heater located in the attic had a leak. The water came through the attic floor and through the c... READ MORE

Damage to Floors from Water Leak

This home suffered water damage in several rooms of the house. The hardwood floors had to be torn out, and replaced with new flooring due to buckling and swell... READ MORE

Busted Water Pipe

This customer suffered the unfortunate disaster of having a water pipe (that was located in their attic) bust, leaving then with a huge mess. As you can see in... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire

This customer had a kitchen fire that caused structural damage as well as heavy smoke/soot stains. You can see the soot and smoke stains in the Before picture. ... READ MORE

Before and After Water Damage

Before and After pictures of a kitchen that had extensive water damage. The customer was out of town for 5 days when the flooding happened. The water was in e... READ MORE

Fire Damage in North Augusta

This family’s North Augusta home suffered from a fire caused by a faulty furnace. It’s always devastating when a family experiences a house fire, bu... READ MORE

Duct Cleaning in Aiken, SC

The ducts in this home had never been cleaned since installation, almost 50 years ago. The homeowner was shocked at how dirty their ducts were and amazed by the... READ MORE